UDC Memorys

Vom 18. bis zum 23 Juli war ich in Lörrach im Urban Dance Camp. Ich hatte einfach nur die geilste Zeit meines Lebens uns habe unter anderem auch meine Lieblingscrew Poreotics getroffen. Hier eine kleine Ansammlung meiner Lieblingserinnerungen:

Funny UDC Memory #1:
Jet Li: *taking the stairs to get to a higher plattform, to teach*
Jet Li: Yup...
(a few moments later)
Jet Li: So now, imma show you. *begins to dance* *almost falling down*

So...u see...Jet Li risks his life to teach...^^

Funny UDC Memory #2
Lunchtimeeee with Roberta Kayed, Sabrina Portschy, Anika Meißner and Anne-Marie Oelschläger
Me: *picking some Babybell out of my bag* Want some?
Anika: *staring at Babybell* OMG!!!!! BABYBELL!!!

Yup...babybell causes addiction...^^

Funny UDC Memory #3:
Charles: So, let's go. One e and a two e and a three e and a four e and a five six seven eight!

Funny UDC Memory #4:
Jet Li: Alright! Let's do this! Five six sev-AH SHIT! I mean one two three four!

Funny UDC Memory #5.
Dumbo: Ya ready for more dubstep?

Funny UDC Memory #6:
Me: Yeah. I read something about it on Twitter. Jet Li was posting something about Jetlag. Jet Li...jetlag.
Lawrence: Yup *smiles*
Me: So where are Charles and Dumbo? I saw Charles and Dumbo said that he would take Mr. Wiggles' class.
Lawrence: Charles is sleeping. And Dumbo...uhm *scratching his head*...i dunno.
Me: What? You really don't know?
Lawrence. Yep. We lost him...but he is somewhere in Germany. *laughs*

Funny UDC Memory #7:
Lando: *prepares to dance* *waits for music* C'MON CHEECH!

Funny UDC Memory #8:
Me: *sees Charles* Ah! Charles can I take a picture with you??
Charles: Of course! *smiles*
Me: *looking for someone who could take a picture* *sees Law* Uhm Law could you please?
Law: *didn't hear me*
Charles: Yo Law! Can u take the picture?
Law: What? Oh yeah. *grabs my phone* How do I do this?
Me: *shows him how to do it*
Law: *smiles* *pushing the button* .... Did I make it? Hm...yeah...seems like it...
Me & Charles: *looking at the picture*
Me: Hm...yeah...okay^^ Thank uuu!
Charles & Law: You're welcome. *smiling*
(I never told him, that the pic is...shaky...^^)

Funny UDC Memory #9:
Me: *walking to Can* Caaaan! CAN I take a picture with you?
Can: *looks at me* *laughs* Yep ^^

Funny UDC Memory #10:
Me: *coming out the men's toilet* *looking in the mirror* *sees Mike Song* Oh holy shit...
Mike: *laughs* Hi =)
Me: *looking to the floor* Hi... *awkward smiling* *passing him* *waiting until he locks the door* OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG....aaaaawkwaaard! >.<

Yeah...I met Mike Song on the men's toilet...awesome...

Awesome UDC Memory #1:
Me: *walking to Chad* Hey, can u please sign my shirt?
Chad: Oh yeah, of course!
Me: *giving him the shirt* *putting my hand under it, so that he can sign*
Chad: *grabs my hand* *signs*
Me: *blush* OMGOMGOMG...
Chad: *still holding my hand* *smiles* There u go *gives me back my pen* *letting go of me*
Me: *nervous* Ha...thank u. Sorry...I'm super nervous....
Chad: No problem *smiles* *puts his hand on my shoulder*

I kinda held hands with Chad Mayate.... ♥

Hilty & Bosch


Bam Martin

Yoshie & Tatsuo

Mr. Wiggles

Law, Chad & Jet Li of Poreotics

♥♥♥ Chad Mayate ♥♥♥ of Poreotics

Charles of Poreotics

Popping John


Jaja of IaMmE

Millie of IaMmE

Ich kanns kaum erwarten nächstes Jahr wieder hin zu gehen.
UDC 2012 ready to go!